For a brief second I thought to myself, “Does Lady Gaga own a regular t-shirt” and then I instantly corrected myself. If the t-shirt doesn’t show off Lady Gaga’s cleavage or isn’t see-through enough to see Lady Gaga’s boobs, then it isn’t a regular t-shirt for her.
Since many of us would disregard a shirt that really wasn’t a shirt anymore or when we turn it into a rag, that is when it’s officially a Lady Gaga regular, everyday t-shirt. You see, for Lady Gaga it has to almost not be a shirt. The fabric must be so thin that it’s one step away from not being considered clothing at all before Lady Gaga will put it in her everyday rotation. And I would like to point out that only Lady Gaga could pull of this look. The rest of us, we shouldn’t even try. When that one shirt you love and refuse to give up shows off more skin than cotton, it’s time to let it go so it can become a regular, everyday t-shirt for Lady Gaga.
Remember, it’s Lady Gaga, so regular rules of fashion don’t apply to her. What some call a collection of string strung together which used be called a t-shirt, it’s called the perfect outfit for Lady Gaga to wear any day of the week.