Though we have all come to terms with the fact Playboy is no longer filled with beautiful nude women, luckily Treats! magazine is taking its place. While Sarah McDaniel’s Playboy spread was sexy, it doesn’t hold a candle to Sarah McDaniel’s Treats! spread.
While we all miss the Bunnies, Treats! continues their tradition of having some of the most beautiful nude spreads. Sarah McDaniel was lucky enough to be first non-nude cover model for Playboy, which I assume is a great honor, but that spread doesn’t even come close to this one. Sarah McDaniel is stunningly beautiful and the only way for us to know that is to see her fully nude. Though, it would be nice if Treats! could come up with something like the Bunnies. Maybe Treats! Sweets or something?
You know, it’s kind of funny that models like Sarah McDaniel will now use Playboy as a stepping-stone to being a nude model, instead of the other way around. Yeah, that’s just the crazy world we live in now. Thankfully we live in a world where there are still plenty of magazines in which Sarah McDaniel can be nude. It would be awful if we never got to see her amazing nude body.