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Shia Labeouf’s hard boner


Shia Labeouf is an American actor and director who first appeared back in 2003 in the movie Hole. He also had leading roles in several films such as Disturbia and Surf’s Up. However, Shia’s name became a worldwide sensation as he portrayed the part of Sam Witwicky, the main protagonist in the sc-fi film Transformers. Since his success in the said movie, Shia became a bankable actor and has appeared in succeeding films such as Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Lawless, The Company You Keep and Fury. Known for being gutsy enough to go all the way when the situation demands, it is undeniable that Shia is a versatile actor. Check out these photos where he did full frontal nudity and his big boner will definitely catch your attention. Oh Shia, we hope you’ll be doing more nude movies in the future.

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Steve Howey Totally Nude

Steve Howey Totally Nude

The TV series Shameless shows all kinds of male nudity.  Steve Howey has shown his bare cock a few times already and boy does it look good.

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Bobby Cannavale Naked Collage

Bobby Cannavale Naked Collage

We are huge fans of the show “Boardwalk Empire”.  They have a great storyline and some killer nude scenes.  Bobby Cannavale has stripped down on more than one occasion and you can see from the naked collage.

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Nude Actors in I Melt With You

Nude Actors in I Melt With You

Nude Actors in I Melt With You

You’ve probably never seen so many hot nude actors all together at once.  We’ve only seen it a couple times and we are some of the biggest male celeb fans around.

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David Kross Nude Scene

David Kross Nude Scene

David Kross is no stranger to nude scenes, in fact he’s done a few of them.  He’s a sexy young actor with tons of talent and good appreciation of a full frontal.

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Sam Trammell Nude

Sam Trammell is one of the hottest male celebrities on ‘True Blood’.  He’s an actor that has never been afraid to do nude scenes in movies and television.

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Kal Penn Nude Actor

You probably recognize Kal Penn from the “Harold & Kumar” movies.  The Indian actor got nude and showed his bare butt in one of the films.  Most recently he’s starred on the TV show ‘House’ and has been campaigning for Obama.

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Casper Van Dien Nude

You probably recognize Casper Van Dien from the ‘Starship Troopers’ movies.  He’s been acting since the mid eighties and has  played some major movie roles.  He’s also showed his naked ass a few times on film.

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Julian McMahon Nude

Julian McMahon got his celebrity start as a fashion model, but then transitioned into acting.  He starred on the hit TV show ‘Nip/Tuck’ and showed some skin occasionally. He’s done a couple nude scenes in his career, including this one that exposed his naked butt.

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Gerard Butler Naked


The only thing I really remember about the movie Her Majesty Mrs. Brown was Gerard Butler’s cock flopping around on the beach. Definitely worth watching again just for that!

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