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Eric Balfour Naked


There’s something in Eric Balfour’s DNA that just makes him want to get naked on screen. He’s done a TON of full frontal nude scenes.

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Jason Segal Full Frontal Nude


Forgetting Sarah Marshall gave us one of the most unforgettable nude scenes ever: Jason Segal dancing around with his cock flopping, full frontal nude.

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Antonio Sabato Jr and David Sutcliffe Naked in Testosterone


Yeah, the movie Testosterone sucked, but we got some great gay sex scenes and full frontal nudity from Antonio Sabato Jr.

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Edward Norton Nude in American History X

ed-norton-nude-scene-3Actor Edward Norton got naked in the film American History X. To see the Edward Norton nude movie scenes, go to

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Mario Lopez and Julian Macmahon Naked!


mario_lopez_naked_01-500x284 A while back Mario Lopez guest starred on F/X’s Nip/Tuck. In one of the best TV episodes ever, Mario gets naked in the shower with Julian Macmahon. Play….pause…rewind….play.

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Mark Paul Gosselaar Naked


Mark Paul Gosselaar made it big as Zack on the original Saved By The Bell. He had a stint on NYPD Blue but is making comeback with his own TNT show Raising the Bar. In between in his TV work, he’s done a few nude scenes too! Get Mark Paul Gosselaar Naked!

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George Clooney’s Naked Butt


George Clooney is getting a little bit older and and not showing so much skin on screen these days. Maybe that’s a good thing. At least we have the golden George Clooney naked days to look back on.

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Cory Monteith Naked


Before Cory Monteith got his current gig of Finn Hudson on Glee, he did a little-known B horror movie called Bloody Mary, where he showed off his ass!

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Justin Kirk Naked


Justin Kirk plays the guy you love to hate, Andy Botwin, on Showtime’s Weeds. Kirk got full frontal naked, showing off his big cock for such a skinny body, in the flick Flannel Pajamas.

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Dane Cook Naked


Good Luck Chuck has some crazy, hardcore naked sex scenes with Dane Cook. There’s even an option in the uncensored DVD to just watch the sex scenes.

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