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Brad Pitt Full Frontal Nude!


Even Brad Pitt isn’t immune to the paparazzi! Some photog snapped up this pic of a naked Brad and he’s been Internet-exposed ever since.

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Channing Tatum Naked!


Fake or real naked shot of G.I. Joe star Channing Tatum? Not sure about the above picture, but the below nude shot of Channing is real…. even surreal.


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David Kross Naked in The Reader


This well-hung actor, David Kross, turned 18 just before they shot the naked scenes for the Oscar-winning movie The Reader with Kate Winslet. Boy’s got a bright future ahead with a cock like that!

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Marcus Patrick Naked


Black soap hunk Marcus Patrick was born in England, but moved to the US to pursue an acting career. He soon found himself on All My Children followed by Days of Our Lives. Usually celebs don’t go full frontal for Playgirl, but Patrick went for it and we’re oh-so-grateful.

Get Marcus Patrick Naked in High Def!

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