What Happens When 3 Best Friends Become ‘Bed Buddies’? – WATCH

Bed Buddies was partially inspired by right-wing opponents of same-sex marriage who frequently argued that marriage equality would lead to plural marriages.
“I started to wonder why a multiple-partner relationship was being portrayed as evil and terrible”
Bed Buddies has already begun to play at film festivals around the world.  It stars Dylan Wayne Lawrence, Daniel Lipshutz, Enzo Nova, and Colin Van Wye. Collin Brazie served as the film’s director of photography.

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Colton Haynes’ sexy ass


Colton Haynes is an American actor and model who is famously known for playing the role of Jackson Whittemore in MTV’s popular supernatural drama series Teen Wolf and as Roy Harper/Arsenal in the hit superhero tv series Arrow. A television household favorite, Colton also had appearances in other television series such as CSI: Miami, Privileged, Pushing Daisies, Melrose Place and The Gates to name a few. Blessed with a pretty face with well-defined cheekbones, light blue eyes and sexy cleft chin, it’s no surprise that Colton is a favorite fantasy to many. Check out these nude photos of him where he did some steamy sex scenes in Look: The Series. Now isn’t that butt sexy enough to give some tough loving?

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Kieran O’Brien’s mighty long dick


Well we do appreciate Kieran O’Brien in the scandalous and infamous movie 9 Songs alongside Margo Stilley. For those who are unfamiliar, Kieran is a hot English actor who had appearances in several tv series such as Totally Frank and HolbyBlue. However, Kieran became an overnight sensation with his controversial role in the film 9 Songs where he did a very graphic sex. Kieran who is not afraid of showing his penis for the world to see is shown ejaculating in the said movie and doing several sexual things with his co-star Margo. Why not watch the movie and find it out for yourself? Here’s a photo from the movie that might be considered a tease. Oohlala, that dick sure looks delicious.

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Jamie Dornan’s nakedness

Jamie Dornan, a.k.a. Mr. Christian Grey is every woman’s fantasy thanks to Fifty Shades of Gray’s fandom. Despite critics hurling at him, Jamie Dornan is the perfect Mr. Grey alongside his co-star Dakota Johnson. Before his rise to Hollywood’s elite circle, Jamie Dornan played minor roles in the movie Marie Antoinette and certain television series such as Once Upon a Time and The Fall. His good looks and physique surely paved the way to landing the role as Mr. Grey. His abs and big butt gave viewers the mega shock but many are still waiting for his full frontal nude in order to see how huge his cock!Jamie Dornan's nakednessClick here to view more nude photos and videos

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Nude Black Male Celebs Feature!


To our knowledge, Male Stars is the only site out there to have a dedicated archive of naked black male celebs. They just launched it, and we’re impressed!

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