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Bobby Cannavale Naked Collage

Bobby Cannavale Naked Collage

We are huge fans of the show “Boardwalk Empire”.  They have a great storyline and some killer nude scenes.  Bobby Cannavale has stripped down on more than one occasion and you can see from the naked collage.

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David Kross Nude Scene

David Kross Nude Scene

David Kross is no stranger to nude scenes, in fact he’s done a few of them.  He’s a sexy young actor with tons of talent and good appreciation of a full frontal.

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Alfie Allen Naked In Game of Thrones

Alfie Allen Naked In Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the hottest TV shows out right now.  One of the things making it so hot is that they show actors totally nude.  Like Alfie Allen in this full frontal scene.

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Bam Margera Fully Nude

Back in the day Bam Margera was famous for his skateboarding videos.  Now he’s the star of the ‘Jackass’ movies and several other TV shows on MTV.  He gets nude quite a bit in the movies and even shows his cock.

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Kevin Zegers Nude Movie Scene

Kevin Zegers got completely nude in the movie ‘Transamerica’ and the world got to see his exposed cock.  Since then, he hasn’t done many other nude movie scenes, but has had a successful career.

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Zac Efron Full Frontal Nude

Usually Zac Efron is more aware of his surroundings, but not on this day.  He was seen nude outside of his hotel room, totally exposing his cock.

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Nude Shia LaBeouf

We don’t know about you, but we are so happy that Shia LaBeouf finally got nude on film.  We’ve been waiting to see his private parts for years and now it finally happened.  Hopefully he’ll keep doing naked scenes in movies.

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Adrian Quinonez Full Frontal Nude

Adrian Quinonez starred in two different movies that show tons of full frontal nude scenes.  In both ‘Dante’s Cove’ and ‘Eating Out’ he showed lots of skin, including his exposed cock.

Chris Salvatore Nude

Chris Salvatore is one of the latest actors to do a nude scene in a movie and we have the caps.  He has an amazing body and a nice thick cock.  He’s obviously not shy about his body, judging from the amount of skin that he shows.

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Is This Zac Efron Nude

This may or may not be Zac Efron, but it sure does look like him.  It looks like he was jerking off on a webcam for the world to see.

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