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Josh Duhamel Naked


Whether playing Danny McCoy on the small screen or Major Lennox on the big screen, Josh Duhamel knows how to impress an audience. Judging by this full frontal naked photo shoot, we can see why Fergie married him!

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Naked Vin Diesel


Vin Diesel Naked

Here’s a candid shot of a very naked Vin Diesel. Looks like his cock backs up his bravado!

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Eric Balfour Naked


There’s something in Eric Balfour’s DNA that just makes him want to get naked on screen. He’s done a TON of full frontal nude scenes.

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Jason Segal Full Frontal Nude


Forgetting Sarah Marshall gave us one of the most unforgettable nude scenes ever: Jason Segal dancing around with his cock flopping, full frontal nude.

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Bruce Willis Naked!


No one is safe from the paparazzi… especially when you go swimming naked at the beach. Get more of Bruce Willis naked!

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Jesse Spencer Naked


Jesse Spencer plays Dr. Robert Chase on House M.D. these days but he’s done various full-frontal nude scenes in his past. Get Jesse Spencers naked archive here.

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Charlie Sheen Naked


Charlie Sheen got naked in the movie The Arrival. Sheen may be in a heap of trouble these days after being accused of beating up and pulling a knife on his wife, but the Two and a Half Men star still looks damn good. Get more Charlie Sheen Nude!

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Omar Epps Naked!


Omar Epps is currently best known for his role as Dr. Eric Foreman on House M.D. but he SHOULD be known for his giant black cock! Check out these caps from a nude movie scene he did. Mmmmm….

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Marco Dapper Cock Shot


Marco Dapper hasn’t had many acting gigs in his short career but the almost-xxx rated Eating Out 2 coupled with the wide variety of full frontal nude shots of the actor have made him a gay cult hero.

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Shemar Moore Full Frontal Pic


Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore wasn’t real thrilled that the paparazzi caught him full frontal naked at the beach, but his fans certainly were! See the rest of Shemar Moore’s Naked Pics

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