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Kal Penn Nude Actor

You probably recognize Kal Penn from the “Harold & Kumar” movies.  The Indian actor got nude and showed his bare butt in one of the films.  Most recently he’s starred on the TV show ‘House’ and has been campaigning for Obama.

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Julian McMahon Nude Butt

Julian McMahon is a pretty famous actor that has been in some really great movies.  He’s also had some really killer nude scenes in his career, including this one where he shows his naked butt.

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Gale Harold Naked in Queer as Folk


We’ll always miss Queer as Folk, just for the great nude scenes with Gale Harold in them. I guess that’s what the DVDs are for!

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Christian Slater Naked!


Christian Slater hasn’t had a lot of luck with his newfound TV career. First My Own Worst Enemy didn’t make it 1 season, now it looks like his new effort The Forgotten is on the chopping block. Here’s a naked Christian Slater shot to keep you going until he finds his next gig.

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Naked Robert Downey Jr.


Robert Downey Jr. may be getting up there in age, and by all reports has been pretty tough on his body over the years, but he’s still looking damn hot.

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